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Inner Space Techniques Practitioner
Emotional Healing Specialist

Hi, welcome to my website :)


I started my career in Sydney, Australia in the 90s working in high end law and accounting firms servicing clients such as Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. But my passion has always been emotional and energetic healing and I have studied, practiced and taught in this area for over 30 years. I'm still fascinated, learning and growing.


I moved to New York early 2007 (an amazing adventure!) and opened my practice in Manhattan, then moved to the Bay Area in 2009. I fell in awed love with the redwoods and opened an office in Berkeley, where I see my in person clients and teach meditation.


I travel nationally and internationally (NY, Australia, Singapore, England, Thailand...) to see clients, give lectures and run courses in regression therapy and meditation. Clients have flown to see me from Europe, Asia, Australia and around the States.

I have also taught over 5,000 hours of yoga and meditation in Sydney, London, New York and the Bay Area. I currently teach part time at Funky Door Yoga in Berkeley and San Francisco, because it's fun and I love it :)

My life's passion as I said above, is my 1:1 client work in emotional and energetic healing, which I focus in two areas -


 - Women over 30 who struggle emotionally with miscarriage, abortion or hysterectomy. 

- Women over 30 who struggle with anxiety or self-doubt.

As most of us know, a lot of adult problems stem from things in childhood, which is a profoundly beautiful place to work with people.


Though I love my life now, my own journey paved the way for the work I do now. I lived with sexual abuse as a child, and developed eating disorders to manage the intense emotions and imposed silence. For a long time I lived daily with severe anxiety and self esteem issues. I felt desperately alone. It wasn't fun, but healing has been an increasingly beautiful gift of self knowledge, wonder and understanding. Moving from stuck to free through my own story is why I am so sincerely dedicated to helping people who are struggling.


It is such a precious gift to be able to work with people in their deep inner spaces. When we look for the source of our issues, what we discover is ourselves. We all want to escape our inner demons (hence the proliferation of scrolling, streaming, alcohol, food, overwork, etc), but when we actually unearth what's inside our inner darkness, our greatest strengths, our greatest wisdom, our greatest light, are also revealed.

I would love to speak with you about your life.

Inner Peace Breakthrough Session

I'd like to offer you a gift: a complimentary 45 minute phone call with me, to help you towards finding your peace.  Let me help you have better relationships, enjoy the moment, and drop anxiety and negative thinking. Talk to me, even in the current global climate, you can enjoy the moment and feel peace.

Let’s Find Your Peace, Together.

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